Choosing the Right Financial Professional – Insurance Agents & Brokers

Some insurance agents/brokers used to call themselves Financial Advisors or Financial  Planners but they are no longer allowed under the SEC’s Best Interest rule that went into  effect in 2020.  

Still, insurance agents/brokers can offer valuable services in assisting you in purchasing  insurance policies such as health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, etc. Each  requires an insurance license in the state where you live.  

Agents usually represent one company while brokers may be able to represent many  different companies and possibly look for the best policy for you. Some financial  advisors also have insurance licenses and can offer you a wide variety of insurance  products as well. 

Note that agents or brokers that only have an insurance license and do not have an  investment license like Series 6 or Series 7 will not be able to offer variable insurance  products. They will only be able to offer you fixed insurance products.  

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Adrianna Rocha

Client Relations Representative

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Adrianna Rocha joined Kramer Wealth Managers in 2021.

Adrianna is responsible for client experiences and service. As part of the customer service team, she strives to help and provide top-notch service to our clients. As part of her role, she communicates with clients through videophone, schedules client meetings, prepares and processes forms, and gathers information for our advisors.

Adrianna Rocha graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Gallaudet University in 2017. Before she joined our team, she worked in the customer service industry for nearly a decade. She excels in human-to-human relations and takes pride in not only her own accomplishments, but her clients’ as well. Adrianna enjoys chatting about her slight obsession with dogs, houseplants, essential oils, and food: especially Mexican food! She is also a proud fur-mama to her beautiful Aussie-mixed pup, Ziva.

Adrianna is not registered with Osaic Wealth.